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Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

When you are pulled over for a DUI, you are in serious trouble. You will have to get a criminal defense lawyer to offer their services in getting you bailed out and ready to face a judge. Your chosen attorney has to be competent enough to beat the system and ensure you stay out of jail.

The moment you get arrested for driving under the influence, you need to start finding ways to see to it that you do not get your license suspended. You will need criminal defense lawyer to prepare for this, apart from getting you out of jail and keeping you out.

For those who find themselves in this position for the first time, they will be left to go home, and even escorted there if they are not able to. If you need bail posted, your lawyer will help in this process.

When you are out, you need to arrange for a proper defense.The minute you are free, start working on a suitable defense. This is not an easy thing to do for most of us. You have to argue your criminal case, and then you have to argue against the department of motor vehicles. The entire process is fast, lasting up to ten days after you get arrested.

There is not much time to decide whether it is guilty or not guilty. You will notice most people opting for not guilty, which gives them time to build their cases and get the charges lightened. It is important to get the time to review all of the facts, and the way the case was handled, among other things. This will determine your freedom.

There are a few events that could have occurred since the time you were arrested for when you were charged with the crime, that could be crucial to you winning the case. This refers to things like whether your rights were read to you, whether the blood alcohol tests were done right, or the blood sample collected respectfully, and such. There are many loopholes to be exploited to get your freedom.

In certain situations, the credibility of the arresting officer can be called into question. They may have done a rush job with their report, or embellished certain details to fatten their report. Their intention to stop may have not been legal. These are things that can be questioned in court.

There are time when the evidence against you is too much. You may at this point consider pleading guilty to the charges. Those who plead guilty sometime received reduced penalties and fees. It is the job of your lawyer to plead with the judge that instead of you going through a long trial, you start serving the punishment immediately after the plea.

No matter the manner in which you decide to handle it, you need a good DUI attorney to keep you from going to jail. They shall get you the best outcome possible.

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