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Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil.

The use of coconut oil is increasing day by day, and there is a good reason behind this. It contains many health benefits from boosting the immune system, increasing mineral absorption, anti-aging effects and most interesting stimulating the metabolism aiding weight loss.

While it is true that over 90% of coconut oil fatty acids are saturated fat they are not the same as the saturated fat found in animal products and the main reason it is so healthy. Saturated fats in coconut oils are from medium chain triglycerides which cannot be stored by the body as fat in this form. The body opts to utilize them for energy rather than storing them as fats or attaching them in blood vessels. MCT is usually smaller than the long chain fatty acids, and therefore fewer efforts are needed to break down making them a faster and excellent energy source. The rapid digestion of MCT within the body has a thermogenic or a calorie burning effect which can actually help you to burn more calories besides the ones you get from the oil itself. To enjoy the benefits of this oil you need to eat healthily and do physical exercise.

Another difference of the saturated fats in coconut oils and those in animal products is that those in coconut oil increases the concentration of good cholesterol. Long-term use of coconut oil helps one to be fit regarding weight and the likelihood of obesity or heart diseases are minimized. People who fail to use coconut oil with the excuse of the levels of saturated fats need to do more research.

Coconut oil naturally contains an antibiotic property which helps to eliminate pathogens while sparing the body micro flora. A healthy gut is directly linked to the condition of overall health. It also helps to boost the immune system due to its high concentration of lauric acid and caprylic acid, fatty acids which have antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties. use of coconut will enhance the uptake of minerals and amino acids from the foods we ingest.

Coconut oil can be used in place of any other fats or vegetable oils from an alternative to butter or for cooking and baking. It has a very mild taste and being solid at room temperature it has the same texture and consistency as butter. Coconut oil can be used tropically on dry skin r to help soothe sunburst skin while speeding up the healing process. It is also good for enhancing the look for hair as it decreases loss of protein and helps to reverse a dry scalp.

When buying coconut oil the health food shop is the best place.

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