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The Characteristics of CDPAP.

CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program) is a program Medicaid which enables the people that have registered to manage their own health care independently. This program was developed so that those people who have chronic diseases or disable to get assistance to get the help from home care or the services of the nurses.

The following are the features of CDPAP. Under the CDPAP the consumer is the one that is responsible for planning how the care will be given and everything that he or she wants as part of the package.

The consumer is responsible for his or her care and how it will be administered. The consumer is the one that is responsible for hiring the person that will be responsible for taking his or her care.

The consumer is the only one who has the mandate to fire the caregiver for any reason or any time that the consumer may feel like. It is important to know that under the CDPAP the consumer is the one that is responsible for anything that might happen including all the emergency cases that may arise.
Under the CDPAP the consumer can choose the relative or any other person that he or she would like to be a caregiver. Unlike many other care providers and home care providers who are well trained , under the CDPAP the caregivers are not required to be trained or have any certification of caregivers as they can be trained by the consumer himself if they need to.

Under the CDPAP the consumer can choose anybody to be his or her caregiver whether it is a relative, friend or any other person that the consumer feels comfortable with or trust. It is important to note that for a consumer who is registered under the CDPAP it is against the rules to hire any caregiver who is a legal responsible adult such as a spouse or a parents.

It is important to understand that a consumer has a choice to get a caregiver through the licenses caregiver agency where the caregiver will be responsible to do all the jobs to meet the needs of the consumer.

In an event the consumer is unable to take the responsibility regarding their own care they can arrange to have a designated representative who has the ability to administer the care to the recipient. It is a must that the designated representative should get the approval from the social services

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